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includes even read tweeting all forwarding the coverage both in the reports and in it suites the b.b.c. acknowledges that scenes movements were controlled by official mind but iranian authorities did not restrict what was reported views however would have had no idea the entire assignment was conditioned on the news reports not reaching an iranian audience and tehran has got a history of censoring b.b.c. persian and targeting some of its journalists does it not exactly b.b.c. persian is effectively banned in iran but it has a big viewership according to the broadcast week the audience of 12000000 and b.b.c. persian stuff based outside iran i've paid a price for their journalism for years they face threats and intimidation by the government some i've had that assets frozen most unable to return to iran for fear of arrest and their family members in the country have been harassed and sometimes interrogated so understandably some of them are not happy about the deal the
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broadcaster made with to run for the b.b.c. it says that all international media are subject to restrictions and iran and they're not wrong just as crews also grapple with certain rules the b.b.c. also said we accepted some limitations on this occasion an order to provide audiences would read insights from inside the country and this is signposted in our coverage as ever the b.b.c. maintains full editorial control over what we broadcast just not it appears where it's broadcast ok thanks terry. it's been roughly 20 years now since the war finally came to an end in what was once known as yugoslavia the historical narrative of serbia's role in that decade long conflict europe's deadliest since world war 2 is hotly contested and it really shouldn't be the evidence as per the united nations and multiple other investigative bodies tells
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a tale of disproportionate serbian aggression brutality and ethnic cleansing the alternative version of that history is now being told in book 4 by authors who have been convicted of war crimes that include genocide the convexed turned writers former serbian generals and politicians are just out for exoneration in the minds of many serbian nationalists they already have that they want to rewrite the historical record while feeding into nationalistic narratives favored by serbian elites including t.v. channels which might explain the popularity of the books among those who hold political power in belgrade listening posts johannah who's now on historical revisionism in the former yugoslavia and the inmates who have gone from convicted war criminals to published authors. biographies war memoirs novels even poetry. a total of
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$119.00 books written from behind bars by $22.00 alleged and convicted who are criminals. this literary output has been coming out of the detention center at the international criminal tribunal for the former yugoslavia. since 1993 this call literature coming from the. us down even to the icy wind i did 161 person as a whole. about $140.00 actually went in to see happening in which is a dense and hague tribunal you. can say that every one in 6 prisoners of the eye sitting by turned out to be an altar of some kind many of those people are acting for purely political reasons or pro-gun the reasons there is a certain insistence on exonerating yourself.
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some of it is obviously also creating a parallel narrative which is only a part of a systematic approach in which actual facts actual events that have taken place i now being questioned. and they don't care about facts and they don't care what you were i think about it which is tailor made for the surgeon and it's me in a way that would fit the preexisting narrative from what you can spot via one of what disturbs you are saying. it's about stories stories make nations and i don't kind of this is not going to be remembered as a murdering genocidal maniac but it is a great european hero who actually made the 1st serb state on the left bank over the knowledge that. there was a problem which is why you remembered by future generations of serbs not as
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a murderer of o.b.e. and children in kosovo but as a great war hero who stood up to nato. and the story. vision is books written by convicted war criminals are commonly available hender serbian capital belgrade including a bookstore behind me which belongs to the ministry of defense these books don't just do well with the average sir the country's politicians including those in government are big fans too in a cobra last year the publishing arm of serbia's defense ministry took to belgrade sheerly book fair to promote its newest release mercyful angels embrace the multi-volume wartime die. written by former army general in the bush up of code beach who is currently serving a 22 year prison sentence for crimes against humanity details his experiences in the kosovo war another prominent spot at the fair was reserved for alleged war criminals pushed off show after 11 years in detention cesure has returned to
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serbian politics and going by the name of his publishing house greater serbia there's little question as to what his books are about puff of each and shush presence at the prestigious fair doesn't speak to the quality of their literary work rather it speaks to the popularity of the nationalist message the narrative that 18 years after the end of the war is still actively endorsed by those in power . only the sausage and the those who were convicted in the hague tribunal a widely seen as heroes in that community mysteries and in serbia many of those who participated in making decisions during the war and you are now in power and they benefit from promoting these kinds of messages and narratives for instance only all have commissions books that are promoted by the ministry of defense off a blow by blow accounts of the nato bombing during the kosovo all however they are met the crimes committed by the serbs that these books are an attempt to completely ignore the albanian victims to keep war crimes silent and to present the nato
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bombing as a hostile attack by international forces in which only innocent serbs would kill you the only medicine he serves can i don't when it comes to some of the books that says he has published we know that for instance alexander which is the current president of serbia wrote a couple of forwards to some of the editions now if you have a legitimate representative of a country. you know write a forward or books. and a list work and all that is a huge issue. but i think that tells you a lot about just how far. you know the current political structures will go in order to push this on to the public. as more just. lose the serbian media play a significant rule in bowstring narratives in the country something in them by last year the former army commander. who is serving
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a life sentence for war crimes and genocide dialed into a morning breakfast show on serbia's privately owned entertainment channel happy. sending his love to the nation from prison. in light of himself. from the duma from the hague and finish the conversation by saying you know. most of the media see themselves as organised of state machine themselves as being part of the serbian cause and contributing to the serbian cause which is the only way you can explain having got all money shown into the morning talks of having just been found guilty of genocide . or speak of normalization.
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the srebrenica genocide which took place here in 1995 is by far the most popular topic for historical revisionists the execution of at least $8000.00 muslim men and boys at the hands of the bosnian serb security forces the worst mass killing on european soil since the 2nd world war is a huge staying on bosnian serb history and numerous books have been written about it by those wanting to recast the facts of that massacre. is by far the thorniest use normal discourse. this is also by far the best prosecuted crime all the crimes in the ninety's. it's proven beyond reasonable doubt that the culprits are the leaders of paul farmer the postal service and i don't wonder how come that additional facts which could be so well established are facing the storm was what does it actually. it's a question that those pushing back against these are vision as narratives whether
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about srebrenica or any other brutal episode in the yugoslav wars have been asking themselves for years. but as long as these rewrites of history are not only condoned actively endorsed by those in power attempts to tell the facts as they are are falling on deaf ears me long to do name i'm all right now we don't have a young generation politically mature enough to ask important questions or inquire about facts that are being hit. my generation which was trying to create a consciousness about these crimes and the people behind them while we have been defeated we want table to win back the narrative we couldn't make the media follow this up and the crimes of those responsible for the peace agreements these have been completely removed from the agenda in its place we have this populism on the rise and there seems no space for push to really push the post story oh yes the
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political model would he say are. as a survivor of suffering from the survival of one genocidal episode the 1st emotion that comes his honor. then. his belief. and then. the fight that. we're dealing with means that i. don't have a problem explaining to do a lecture of why they're spending millions and genocide no. people have mechanisms to learn from they want to be that. and that's the experience of being shot at being killed losing your relative losing your father with your brother mother sister whatever but the people who did that to them. and the mood. of genocide. is never just about
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denying genocide in the past it's about planning in whole or hoping for the next one. otherwise why do. why glorify genocidal maniacs and why the war fight mass murder. unless you're going to repeat it. and finally back to donald trump's america his latest attacks on those 4 congresswomen of color telling them to go back to where they came from on the race issue it's like trump has replaced his dog whistle with a megaphone he's not even trying to be subtle anymore but for news outlets the struggle continues the internal one in which they cannot quite bring themselves to call this what it is racism from the american commander in chief imagine being a school teacher and having to explain to a child what's coming out of their president's mouth these days that's the theme of this new animation from political cartoonist mark fiore
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a children's play book explaining just what it means to be american in 2019 well see you next time you're at the listening gather round it's time to learn to let yourself be every american that does. are. in all his nationalist glory honor is also for a rapist that's a different story. for asylum and keeping you from getting it well i think congress and a party complicit i went out of. bounds. it's. those countries all around and if you hate america and want to see her do with. a racist through and through. water an essential resource for all humankind across europe pressure to recognise
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water as a human right and put its management back into public hands is increasing i think that the european commission would be very very good that this was a prophet isaiah should anybody say anything and. those people who see every 2 years something to invest a profit of a $1.00. to the last drop on al-jazeera she's the head of 4 generations of family and the bearer of 40 years of suffering fools a heart or a hinge a refugee in her ninety's has fled persecution in myanmar 3 separate times in her life 1st in 1970 then 1991 and finally in 2017. when the war they'd be to as they kidnapped as they detained does. ghoul and her family span almost
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a century in age bonded through blood and displacement they now all live in a single hut located in the world's largest refugee camp in many ways what's happened to this particular extended family really mirrors what's happened to so many other rohinton who face decades of repression and abuse the ranger aren't just the world's largest group of stateless people they're also among the world's most persecuted minorities. the u.k. warms british ships to temporarily avoid the strait of hormuz after iran seizes the british front tanka london says tehran is choosing a dangerous. if the situation is not resolved quick to be there will be serious consequences.
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hello martin the initial without zerah live from doha also coming up for the 1st time millions go to the polls in pakistan's tribal northwest to vote for a provincial assembly. probe aging demonstrators gather in hong kong following weeks of anti china protests over an extradition bill. and one step at a time with few doctors and millions of patients why physiotherapy in ethiopia is a luxury. thanks. to the u.k. has warned british ships to avoid the strait of hormuz for an interim period this is a warning that comes after a round sees a british or tanker in the strait as tension continues to mount in the gulf the ship and its 23 crew have reportedly been moved to banda abbas port while the
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authorities investigate what they say a possible violations of maritime rules iran's state t.v. says the tanker was involved in an accident with a fishing boat before it was seized as he culhane has more from washington. this british tanker is now in iranian custody as announced on state t.v. . a british oil tanker called stana imperio was stopped while passing through the strait of hormuz because of failing to observe international maritime regulations at the request of ports and navigation authority of a gun province the tanker was guided to the coast after being stopped and was handed over to the ports and navigation authority iran had 2 tankers one british flagged the other liberian we will respond in a way that is considered robust and we are absolutely clear that if the situation is not resolved quickly it will be serious consequences iran later announced the liberian tanker had been warned and release news of the tankers being seized in
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iran broke shortly before u.s. president donald trump left the white house for his new jersey country club his reaction was muted there will be working with the u.k. they'll have a new prime ministers are which is a good thing and we'll be working with the u.k. but we have no written agreement but i think we have an agreement which is longstanding that was in contrast to his remarks just a few hours earlier where he showed his usual bravado we hope and that's a couldn't do anything for wish they do they will pay a price like nobody's at the paid a place. this all comes as the 2 countries dispute in earlier incident in the strait of hormuz where the president insists the m.t.v. ship the u.s.s. boxer was threatened by an iranian drone so they took it down in response iran released this drone video that it says proves their drone conducted surveillance and returned to base and now news of the tankers reportedly taken in iran likely a response to the british detaining an iranian tanker weeks earlier another clear escalation but the u.s. secretary of state is signaling
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a way out to get the end of president trying to make a decision about how to proceed he's made clear it appeared to conduct negotiations with no preconditions he waives continue to say we'll talk but only if and only if the united states does something we. we need them to come to the table it's the right way to resolve these challenges iran says it will talk if u.s. sanctions are lifted 1st so for now the standoff continues. al-jazeera washington or let's go live now to need correspondent in london the need of an indication of how seriously the british government is taking this in that there was a a cobra meeting. there was indeed a cobra meeting was convened on friday just to remind you what that is that is a meeting of senior intelligence military and political figures who are trying to establish what to do and what the british response should be or shortly after that cobra meeting there was a statement from a cobra spokes person where the decision was made to halt british shipping through
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the strait of hormuz for a interim period that is the decision has been made for the time being we've heard of course from jeremy hunt britain's foreign secretary who has warned busy busy of serious consequences what those serious consequences could be is unclear right now but what we have seen from jeremy hunt over the course of saturday morning air are some tweets in which he's accused iran of illegal and destabilizing behavior in sharp contrast to what he believes was the legal decision to detain the grace one or oil tanker that was detained off the coast of gibraltar the beginning of july accused of breaching the sanctions by shipping oil to syria jeremy hunt also said that he's been trying to find a way to resolve this gray swarm standoff in a way that wouldn't affect british shipping the question now though is that given
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that there is this decision to halt shipping through the strait of hormuz for this interim period what's the economic what's the political impact and clearly behind closed doors decisions are going to be made the u.k. and most certainly speaking to that of the officials of the united states what happens next though well that's yet to be decided and. say further to that that advice being given by the government spokesman that british shipping should be . temporarily told to avoid the strait of hormuz i mean that's going to have a profound impact upon british oil imports and not to mention other countries as well. yeah undoubtedly let's not underestimate how important strategically politically economically this strait is it's hugely vital for the oil producing countries of the region when it comes to getting their products out
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to to global markets and let's not forget that there are a multitude of international shipping companies that use this all important strait britain of course a huge user of the strait of hormuz undoubtedly there will be some economic impact and clearly it's not going to be a decision taken lightly following this cobra meeting to make this call but given the ongoing threat to british vessels in the area given the fact that the british authorities have already raised the threat level to critical this appears to be the logical next step for them to hold shipping temporarily alright thank you for that need parker our correspondent in london with the very latest from there would have to be going live to tehran in a short while as well to get the view from there but in the meantime let's look at some other news in there been explosions across yemen's rebel held capital sana'a after a string of saudi u.s.
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led airstrikes saudi media says coalition jet fighters targeted military camps across the city destroying air defenses and missile storage sites there's been no reports of casualties so far but it comes after a series of drone attacks from yemen to the rebels targeting airports in the south in saudi arabia mohammed al assad has more from santa. they have targeted the. what is known the 21st park which has been which has been used as a military camp for long decades also they have targeted a military camp to the north of the capital sanaa as well such is trying made many people here in the capital saad to wonder why the saudi arabia has targeted. the capital sanaa after a long period of nearly 4 more over one month they haven't resumed their targets on the capital sanaa is even during the whole of these attacks are on the
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saudi vital economic anomic targets. what we have found also that the host these military spokesperson has released that be have targeted the saudi king. base in jaime smoosh aid in the tally ation to what he described the saudi attacks on the different yemeni civilian areas so we couldn't confirm who started the even the saudis or the whole with these but so far the attacks that have that have taken place in the capital sanaa have been resulted in any casualties because we have targeted. military comes which have been the same targets for saudi fighter jets for over 4 years. now for the 1st time regional elections are being held in pakistan's northern tribal region it's
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a territory that was merged with the khyber pass province just last year and it pulled as afghanistan. and saturday's vote bringing the region into the political mainstream with candidates vying for 16 seats in the provincial assembly the tribal region is home to 6000000 people who until now had been ruled by councils of tribal elders it's long been seen by the us is a stronghold for al qaida and the afghan taliban come out has the latest. for the 1st time think independence pockets gone and merge their tribal area after an act of parliament were brought endorsed by over 2 thirds of majority where they end up all ammend a political party. the people of their tribal areas had been demanding that there should be margaret director of the country did write a bridge of course for trouble after the u.s. led invasion of afghanistan when many fighting groups. if lawmakers movement of
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a break it's gone the afghan taliban al qaida all came across the border and then use their staging ground against the u.s. led coalition forces however large decided by an act of parliament that their tribal area and really be merged into pockets on their day will have the same court that security forces. are very liberal director of the province for a long standing there martin but for the 4th time the people of their tribal area are taking part in an election. member who will be representing them in the provincial parliament of the type of wa indeed a major step as far as progress don is going to include the tribal population where demand stream population of pocket. i'm going to go back to tensions in the gulf
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and the situation regarding a british show trying to that's been seized by ron we can talk to forward who is a professor of world studies at terror on university he's joining us live from tehran thanks for talking to us what does this incident signify in terms of the tensions in the gulf right now what does this specific incident mean in terms of the relationship between iran the united states and india with the u.k. . i think it's an indication that we don't live in the 19th century british government illegally. hijacked graciously an iranian oil tanker following orders from the white house so this is a misallocations to sanction iran sorry sorry to jump in say so the seizure then of this british tanker is in retaliation for the seizure of the grace one of.


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